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About Twerk Queens

Welcome to the Home of TwerkQueens. While we may not have Miley Cyrus Twerking or Daniele Bregoli Twerking, we do have the best adult stars and home grown videos submitted by you for you jerk off to! Thousands of naked twerk videos, big white booties, big black asses even a twerk contest. Join us at TwerkQueens.com to see naked girls twerking! Some of you horny twerk lovers may not know the beginning of twerking, but it did not start in our species at all, but rather from the Sage Grouse, his mating call puts all these asses to shame. For starters, the guy was after the girl, not the other way around. We won't scare you like that though, we will stick to the modern way of girls teasing boys with their big, and little asses. We are not picky, so go ahead and send us your twerking videos, covered or naked asses, we take them all.

Note From Owner of TwerkQueens.com

My name is Anteni, and I am a dirty dog who loves me some meat! Booty Meat that is! Truth is it makes me rock hard watching girls twerking. Twerking on toys, twerking on dicks, naked girls twerking, big booty twerks, you name it!  I found that there was no site which focused specifically on girls twerking! So me a regular guy saved up some money, did some research on how to start up a twerk porn site and here I am today here with Twerk Queens for you all!  I made sure to find out how to book my favorite pornstars so they could twerk for us! Thank you to Sophia Leone, Arrieta Adams, Sofie Reyez, Crystal Rush and Stephanie West for being the inaugural Twerk Queens.  I hope you all enjoy the site, I am very active and respond back to all inquiries. I want to make this site great for all the Twerk Lovers out there! 

Want to become part of the community? Simply be over 18 years old and upload your video into the twerk contest.  Once every six months depending on how many quality submissions we get. We will give away $500 cash! Each video will be placed under the category Twerk Contest.  We will also announce on our twitter , and we will announce the twerk contest on our Instagram.Be sure to follow us on all social media accounts for the hottest twerk videos as well.  Ladies, if you want to be an official twerk queen, please email use the contact form on the site and we will reach out to you asap!

Artist who are looking to get twerk promo, message us and find out how you can get your music video or song produced with the porn star of your choice!  Yes, we will work with you to get your favorite pornstar twerking to your song. We will then upload the video to our site for all of our members! You will also receive a copy of the twerk video for your private viewing pleasure and to share on your social media. 

Now go and watch some white girls twerking, black girls twerking, heck we have all types of girls twerking!